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I'm in the position of looking for a housewife. Except I neither want to marry nor bed her. I simply want to hire her to come live with me, help care for Monkey, keep the house clean, cook some meals, and do all the other stuff that I either do in the evenings after very long days of work, or just doesn't get done. I'm certainly leaning on traditional gender roles here, but this is the 1950s-present definition of a housewife. And frankly, since I'm inviting someone into my home, I'd probably prefer a woman to a man. Given common gender dynamics, despite being the employer, if I hire a man I am much more likely to have to deal with his male privilege expectations. I get enough of that at work.

I no longer live in a place like New York where there are an abundance of local folks who want to be a live in housekeeper. That leaves me in the very odd position of trying to weed through nanny and housekeeper sites, and do phone and skype interviews. Then, in theory, this person moves into my home for a long relationship. At least with internet dating (as I understand it, I actually met Mr. Paean before I ever had my own email account), there might be a courtship phase with phone calls and get to know you letters before meeting and later moving in together.

I'm reminded of reading Sarah Plain and Tall over and over again in elementary school, and being fascinated by this woman stepping off a train and into a family's life. It seemed like such a leap of faith. It also really influenced my thinking of marriage as a primarily business (rather than love) based arrangement.

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