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Yesterday we purchased drawers to organize our tools and construction supplies (the danger of buying a house that needs work means an ever growing set of tools), and Mr. Paean and I spent the day organizing them, freeing up the built in shelves in the dining room. Today I worked on a project for Mr. Paean's home office, moved a shelf into the storage room, and put all the displaced board games on the dining room shelves. I'm feeling quite successful, even if we only managed to cross about 4 things off our 3 page list of immediate household projects that we want to get done this month. Also, our kind neighbor helped us put up Christmas lights!

This week work will be all consuming again, so getting a bit more done on the home felt good. Many weekends it feels like just getting the kitchen clean and running some laundry is a lofty goal with Monkey wanting to eat and play and snuggle with me. Instead, she "helped" with her screwdriver and banging on things skills.

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