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I adore podfic. And even more than listening to podfic, I love listening to a story that I haven't already read. This especially holds true for longer stories, as they turn my commute into my favorite part of the day.

If a story is in a series, is it okay to ask someone who read the first story if they are planning on making a production of the second? I feel like a total lurker here, since I don't podfic. It seems terribly forward to ask, as if I am expecting someone will take their time and energy to create something, just because I want it. But I don't want the disappointment of reading the story myself and then a month later seeing it posted as a podfic. When that happens, I often still listen to and enjoy the podfic, but the magic of experiencing a story for the first time is lost.

I am specifically thinking about The Lure of the Moon by miss_aphelion. Rhea did an amazing rendition of Pull of the Tide by Miss Aphelion, and listening to the story unfold in her voice was truly magical.
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