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I adore podfic. And even more than listening to podfic, I love listening to a story that I haven't already read. This especially holds true for longer stories, as they turn my commute into my favorite part of the day.

If a story is in a series, is it okay to ask someone who read the first story if they are planning on making a production of the second? I feel like a total lurker here, since I don't podfic. It seems terribly forward to ask, as if I am expecting someone will take their time and energy to create something, just because I want it. But I don't want the disappointment of reading the story myself and then a month later seeing it posted as a podfic. When that happens, I often still listen to and enjoy the podfic, but the magic of experiencing a story for the first time is lost.

I am specifically thinking about The Lure of the Moon by miss_aphelion. Rhea did an amazing rendition of Pull of the Tide by Miss Aphelion, and listening to the story unfold in her voice was truly magical.

Date: 2013-02-16 07:06 pm (UTC)
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I'd ask just in case the person planned on doing the whole series. Repods are SPECTACULAR, but I would make sure since some people have emotional attachments to their podfic.

Date: 2013-02-16 07:08 pm (UTC)
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Hi, I was linked this from twitter! I don't think there is any one answer, but I know that I, as a podficcer, would be made nervous and anxious by this question. It could be that I want to record the series but don't have time. It could be that it was just that one fic that spoke to me and I have no plans to record the rest. It could be that I'm no longer in the fandom. Whatever the reason, a comment like that would make me feel sad that I was letting people down.

I tend not to podfic by request so I have had to find ways to deal gracefully with questions like this. They always make me feel upset. But that is my response! Other podficcers may well feel differently, we're a varied bunch, after all :)

Date: 2013-02-16 07:39 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pennyplainknits
Oh, I just mentioned twitter so that you wouldn't think "where did this random find this post" sorry if that peturbed you!

Date: 2013-02-16 08:06 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] reena_jenkins
Hey there! (I was linked to this post via Twitter.... isn't the internet a marvelous thing?)

I'd say, mention how much you enjoyed the first one, then go ahead and ask. What's the harm? You're not demanding they create a podfic specifically for you, you're merely asking about future projects. Personally, I'd be thankful for the mention - it means I've done something right!

Plus, maybe it's just my own podfic-related habits, but once I finish recording a podfic, I bookmark the fic and move on to my next one. I don't tend to stick around and re-read the fic (because then I start reading out loud, and it's all weird all over the place), and on several occasions this has led to me completely missing out on the fact that the author has written a sequel at all. When I say 'several occasions'.... I mean it's happened to me at least four times, and is one of my biggest peeves about myself as podficcer - there are unfinished series out there, and I didn't even know they existed! Maybe it's my completionist streak, but it bugs me like whoa to know that there are stories out there that I could've been reading and haven't even seen yet. Finding out that a series exists, that there's more to a universe I already loved enough to spend time recording, would make me grateful - that you, as a listener, took the time to let me know there were even more things I'd enjoy reading, would be delightful.

So, yeah. Long story short, why not ask? Be polite, obviously, and let the podficcer know how much you've enjoyed the series thus far, but what could it hurt?

Date: 2013-02-18 05:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rhea314
I think it's totally awesome to ask! Particularly since you're putting it forward in a "hey, do you have any intentions to do more of this?" It's a great compliment because as a podficcer I would (personally) here that as "I really liked this podfic and would like more, and wouldn't you know there's a sequel!". I am also someone who waits to listen to the podfic rather than read the story myself, so I love knowing when someone else is doing something, so I can make sure not to read the fic ahead of time and enjoy it by way of podfic.

I can understand how some people would find this kind of question causing anxiety like Pennyplainknits said, I don't have that issue myself. I've found "are you doing more of this?" comments super helpful in the past. Like on the ADSverse when I was stuck and having so many technical glitches it was comments from readers asking if I'd be doing the next part that got me through having to rerecord everything. On the other hand I've gotten a comment or two on a fic I podficced back in 2009 that has since become part of a series as to whether I might do the rest, I had no idea there'd been other fics written. Like Reena_Jenkins I think this kind of question/comment can be helpful since sometimes as a reader you don't know about the sequel. However, I am long out of that fandom, so I honestly don't know if I'll podfic the rest. I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, maybe I will. There's a higher likelihood now I know it's even there.

In this particular situation, I can tell you I have no idea. I currently have permission for 5 podfic projects, am editing 2 podfics, and have three series I'm podficcing for. I *loved* recording Pull of the Tide, and imagine Lure of the Moon would be a similarly awesome experience, but while I have permission on other things I've requested I'm going to focus my energy there first. So I wouldn't wait on me, since I don't know if I'll get to it in a month or three months, or maybe not at all. I can't give a gaurantee when I haven't yet read (or gotten permission to record) the fic /o\

However I'm really really flattered that you would think to pose this question, and it was really interesting to read through other people's comments and experiences around this similar issue. As someone who records a lot of things that are series, or wind up being series I imagine this is a question that may be asked again (of me or of someone else), so I think it's a good one to consider.

Thank you for posing this question about questions! :D Sorry I don't have a more concrete answer for you on my end. But now you know more, and I'm aware there's interest if I ever do take on this project (which for me is helpful and does make a little difference in which stories I decide to record), and I feel very appreciated so, thanks!

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