Nov. 3rd, 2012

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I stayed up all night Tuesday reading (Sacred) In The Ordinary by [personal profile] idyll. It's one of the best Teen Wolf fics I've read, with great characterizations, plot, and dialog. The story tunnels its way into your chest with slow burn and all the feelings, but I can't count the number of times I laughed out loud with delight at a turn of phrase or a perfect Stilesism. The only thing better than a great story is a podfic of a great story. The next day [personal profile] knight_tracer posted it as a podfic. Yes, if I had any idea, I might have waited (and slept instead of being a zombie on Wednesday.) Instead I get to experience the story twice.

If you haven't listened to [personal profile] knight_tracer before, you are doing yourself a disservice. She has great rhythm when she reads, and the stories unfold seamlessly. Her reading lends depth to the characters, and she clearly gets the idea that a reading is an interpretation, without going overboard.

I've just started listening to (Sacred) In The Ordinary. It is an wonderful as I could have hoped for.

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